British road sign 'only' has it backwards

CAMBRIDGE, England, Dec. 9 (UPI) -- Town council members in Cambridge, England, say they were red-faced after contractors misspelled the word "only" on a sign along a $189 million bus route.

The 3-foot-high lettering at the entrance of a route on Milton Road, Cambridge was supposed to read, "Guided bus only," The Daily Mail reported Wednesday.


The "n" in "only" was written backwards by the guys hired to paint the road markings, the newspaper said, even though the sign writer had several examples of the letter "n" painted yards away on the road.

Liberal Democrat highways spokesman Killian Bourke was not too happy about the contractors' mistake on top of the existent delays for the busway, which was due to open this past spring. He added: "The Russian letter is also interesting. Are they thinking of adding an eastern bloc to the track?"

"The contractor is already aware of this mistake and will be putting it right," said Bob Menzies, head of delivery at Cambridgeshire County Council.

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