Woman accused of 'Twilight' taping

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ROSEMONT, Ill., Dec. 3 (UPI) -- An Illinois woman accused of trying to tape "Twilight: New Moon" on her digital camera said she was merely documenting her sister's surprise party.

Police said Samantha Tumpach, 22, of Chicago, was arrested Saturday afternoon and charged with one count of criminal use of a motion picture exhibition, a Class 4 felony, the Chicago Sun-Times reported Thursday.


However, Tumpach, who spent two nights in jail before a judge ordered her released on her own recognizance, said her camera recorded only about three minutes of the movie and she was talking the entire time. She said she was using the camera to document her sister's surprise party and it also contained a video of her family singing "Happy Birthday" inside the theater.

She said the camera only records short video segments. Police said less than four minutes of the movie were visible on the camera.

"It was a big thing over nothing," Tumpach said. "We were just messing around. Everyone is so surprised it got this far."

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