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Man happy with simple life in Utah cave

MOAB, Utah, Nov. 23 (UPI) -- A 48-year-old man who has not used money in nine years and resides in a desert cave in Moab, Utah, said he loves his simple existence.


Daniel Suelo said he shops for clothes by going through garbage and he is content with living an existence in which he does not have to worry about a job, mortgage or other concerns that most people have to deal with, The Denver Post reported.

"The understanding that, really, we all possess nothing is the cornerstone of all spiritual endeavors and religions," Suelo said.

A former Peace Corps volunteer, Suelo said he also will not barter for food or rent because he considers bartering another form of currency.

Suelo took up his lifestyle nine years ago despite having a master's degree in accounting and a degree in anthropology. He says he will never embrace a conventional lifestyle again.


"I have no idea what the future holds, and I don't worry about it. But the longer I do this, it seems absurd to go back," he told the Post. "It would be like going back to slavery."


Man halts parade to propose to girlfriend

PITTSBURGH, Nov. 23 (UPI) -- A 30-year-old woman in Oakmont, Pa., said her police officer boyfriend halted a parade so he could propose to her.

Alice Marcus said her fiance, Trevor Okonak, was riding the lead motorcycle in the Light Up night parade Saturday when he suddenly stopped, dismounted and got down on one knee, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported.

At that moment, friends of the Oakmont couple displayed a banner urging Marcus to accept the 28-year-old police officer's proposal. She did, giving Okonak a kiss before he got back on his motorcycle and the parade continued.

The marriage proposal came days after the couple purchased a home together.

Okonak told the Post-Gazette exactly what he told his girlfriend when he first stopped the parade and proposed marriage.

"I told her I'd stop the world for you," he said, "but right now you have to settle for a parade."


Sisters seeking damages for dropped coffin


STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Nov. 23 (UPI) -- Two sisters said they want a district court in Stockholm, Sweden, to force a group of undertakers to pay them damages for dropping their father's coffin.

The lawyer for the two sisters, whose identities were not reported, alleges the undertakers carrying the coffin during the February 2008 funeral were drunk and dropped the casket on its side inside the grave, The Local reported.

"Both daughters were in shock and ran away in tears from the cemetery," attorney Michael Abejon alleges in the Sodertorn District Court claim filed by the sisters. "They didn't dare to look in the grave as they were convinced the coffin had opened and their dead father had fallen out."

The Local said both sisters have been on sick leave since the funeral incident occurred. The two siblings want the funeral directors, whose identities were also not reported, to pay them $2,895 in compensation.


Mothers among loyal 'Twilight' fans

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 23 (UPI) -- Some U.S. mothers say they are die-hard fans of the two "Twilight" vampire romance movies despite being decades older than the usual fan.

Melissa Peterson, one of more than 30,000 members of a Twilight Moms fan group, said while teenage girls remain the fan base of the vampire films, women also can be fervent fans, ABC News reported.


"We don't act like teenagers. I mean, we are still moms, we're still adults," Peterson, 42, said. "It takes you back to when you were 17 and had your whole life in front of you."

Group member Sarah Clark said "Twilight" and its sequel "New Moon," which opened at midnight Thursday, offer her an emotional lift.

"It's like I'm alive again. I'm awake again, you know, in all different areas of my life. It just makes you, you just feel so happy," Clark told ABC News.

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