Political party cops to penis stickers

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, Nov. 17 (UPI) -- A Danish political party named partially after a male sex organ has claimed responsibility for covering other parties' campaign posters in penis stickers.

The P.I.K. party -- an acronym for Penge i kommunekassen, or Money in the Council Coffer, which also spells out "pik," a crude form of the Danish word for penis -- took responsibility for covering posters in yellow stickers shaped like penises, The Copenhagen Post reported Tuesday.


"We admit we did it," party Vice President Niels Andreasen said. "But we've tried to distribute them equally among all parties' posters."

Andreasen said the strategy has created a lot of publicity for the party.

"At first we figured we'd get around 200 votes. But now we've had 10,000 visitors to our Web site and we have 500 new Facebook friends," he said.

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