15 seconds for Rubik's 'speedcuber'

OLD MARKET, England, Nov. 2 (UPI) -- A 23-year-old British student who competes in Rubik's Cube competitions says she can finish the puzzle in as little as 15 seconds.

Charlotte Cooper of Old Market, England, said her fastest finish in a competition was 17.59 seconds at a Swindon, England, event in July, but she has frequently beat that score while practicing, The Sun reported Monday.


"At home it's not uncommon for me to get solves of under 15 seconds," she said.

Cooper, who said she practices for as much as five hours a day, is a rarity among professional "speedcubers" as most competitors are men with backgrounds in math or science. Cooper said she is currently working on a degree in English.

"It's not beyond anybody, although it does take a considerable amount of dedication and ability to remember the sequences to learn how to solve it," she said.

Cooper is scheduled to compete next at the U.K. Open competition in Manchester, England. She is also planning to compete in events in Sweden, Spain and the United States in the near future.

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