Library complains of crossed-out curses

COLUMBIA, Tenn., Oct. 27 (UPI) -- Workers at a Tennessee library said someone has been using blue ink to completely scratch out curse words from books in the collection.

Maury County Library director Elizabeth Potts said dozens of books have been discovered with blue ink marks where profanities used to be, including what she referred to as an "f-word" in the "9/11 Commission Report," The Daily Herald, Columbia, Tenn., reported Tuesday.


Employees estimated 50-100 books have been targeted by the language-cleansing vandal.

"It bothers me because nobody is holding a gun to their head making them read these books," Potts said. "If they don't like them, they should just return them."

"This person is evidently offended by these words," she said. "I'm more offended by (the suspect)."

Potts said the library doesn't have the money to replace the books, so patrons will "have to guess what the word was." She said workers have also put up signs asking people not to cross out curse words in the library's books.

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