Aggressive elk loses antler privileges

ESTES PARK, Colo., Oct. 6 (UPI) -- A Colorado wildlife official said he drugged an aggressive elk and sawed off its antlers to prevent it from posing a danger to itself or others.

Rick Spowardt with the Colorado Division of Wildlife, who said this has been the worst year for aggressive elk in the city of Estes Park since he joined the agency 23 years ago, said he received a call from a golf course manager last week about a bull elk chasing people away from the green of a hole, KUSA-TV, Denver, reported Tuesday.


"The night before he (the bull elk) gored a car," Spowardt said.

Spowardt said he used a method of dealing with aggressive elk favored by wildlife officers at Yellowstone National Park.

"And that was to drug immobilize the elk and saw off its antlers," Spowardt said.

The officer, who used tranquilizer darts to put the elk down during the sawing, said he will only saw off an elk's antlers if he feels there is no other choice.

"I felt sorry for him, but I think it was preferable than him injuring somebody or worse," Spowardt said.

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