Maryland boasts at least 3 Harry Potters

LEONARDTOWN, Md., July 13 (UPI) -- A Maryland man who shares his name with fictional wizard Harry Potter says he is frequently contacted by young fans of the book and film series.

Harry E. Potter, 76, of Leonardtown said he not only shares a name with J.K. Rowling's boy wizard character, he also shares one of the fictional Potter's trademark characteristics -- a scar on his forehead, The Baltimore Sun reported Monday.


"Oh my lordy Hannah," Potter said. "You have no idea what it is like to have this name. Just 15 minutes ago, I got a phone call from some girls who were about 13 or 14, and who giggled a lot. And you cannot be rude to them, you know that? You cannot be rude.

"That J.K. Rowling owes me something. I'm not sure what, but she owes me."

The Sun said Maryland contains or recently contained many residents who share names with characters from the Harry Potter novels, including at least three men sharing the titular wizard's name, 16 women named Hermione, 3 men named Sirius, 13 Snapes and 15 Narcissas.


"Each time another book or movie comes out, the phone rings off the hook for about two months," Potter said. "It does get tiring. I'm seriously thinking of changing my listing in the phone book to 'H. Potter.'"

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