Man, dog take accidental dip in poo

KRAMFORS, Sweden, June 26 (UPI) -- A Swedish man said an enjoyable evening walk with his dog turned into a real stinker when they both fell through the ground into a feces-filled hole.

Thomas Sundberg said he was walking with his dog, Rex, last week near the Kramfors-Solleftea airport when he felt the ground start to give way beneath his feet and soon man and dog were both nearly submerged in a sludge lagoon used by the city of Kramfors to store and dry sewage, The Local reported Friday.


Sundberg said he and Rex were luckily able to quickly exit the pit of excrement.

"It stank something fierce and I took my clothes off immediately," Sundberg told Swedish-language newspaper Tidningen Angermanland. "I called my wife and then ran naked to a nearby river where we jumped in the water to get rid of the worst of the (feces). I just threw my clothes away."

Tomas Lundin, a spokesman for the city of Kramfors, said an investigation is being planned to determine why the area wasn't properly marked.

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