Pregnant woman ticketed for parent parking

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EXETER, England, June 19 (UPI) -- A pregnant British woman said she was ticketed for parking in a space designated for people with children because her baby was not yet born.

Annika Fewling, 27, of Exeter, England, said she was visiting a Boots store for baby supplies while late in her pregnancy and parked in the parents' lot because there were more spaces, the Daily Mail reported Thursday.


Fewling said she emerged from the store to find a $114 ticket on her car and the traffic warden who wrote the ticket told her she could not park in the parents' area because her unborn baby did not yet count as a child.

"The guy told me that until my baby is born it is not classed as a baby and there was nothing he could do about the ticket," she said. "The company was not prepared to listen to me. I am really quite shocked. I can't believe that pregnant women are not classed as having children."

Percy Prowse, a local councilor with the Conservative party and a police officer for 32 years, said parking enforcers that work for private firms will often stake out lots for offenders.


"Sometimes commonsense is out the window. I would have thought that in her case it was the most obvious place to park," he said.

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