Site seeks everyone's 'world record'

NEW YORK, June 18 (UPI) -- A pair of New York men said their Web site, the Universal Record Database, was created so everyone can find the "world record holder in them."

Dan Rollman, 35, president and co-founder of the Universal Record Database, said he and co-founder Corey Henderson created an online database for people to invent their own world record categories and post videos of themselves performing the feats, the New York Daily News reported Thursday.


"The whole dream is that everybody has a world record in them," Rollman said.

Rollman said more than 1,000 feats have already been posted to the site, including "records" for the most binder clips stuck to someone's face, 30; the longest toenail, 7/8 of an inch; and most whoopie cushions sat on while keeping a straight face, 16.

Rollman said he even has his own record posted on the site -- he shoved 60 bananas down his pants.

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