Church gives out $50,000

MALBIS, Ala., May 26 (UPI) -- Leaders of an Alabama church said members of the congregation were given $50,000 cash with the stipulation that it not be spent on themselves or their families.

Trey Taylor, head of creative worship at the Bay Community Church in Malbis, said he and other church leaders handed out envelopes containing cash amounts between $20 and $100 to more than 2,000 people during Sunday's service, WALA-TV, Mobile, Ala., reported Tuesday.


"We gave away $50,000," he said. "Every person that was here got an envelope."

"The instructions were simple, you can't give it back to the church and you can't spend it on you and your family," Taylor said.

"The reason behind it was simple. We wanted our people to turn around and bless somebody," he said.

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