Ice cream truck music riles neighborhoods

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NEW YORK, May 20 (UPI) -- Residents of two New York neighborhoods are demanding an end to the constant music played by ice cream trucks circling a nearby park.

Some residents of the Williamsburg and Greenpoint neighborhoods in the city's Brooklyn borough have posted signs and started Internet groups aimed at silencing the Mister Softee trucks after their complaints went unanswered by the city, the New York Post reported Wednesday.


The residents said the trucks circumvent a city ordinance banning ice cream trucks from playing music while idling by staying in motion for as long as possible and making only brief stops.

Serena Blanchard, 29, a member of one of the online protest groups, said the noise from the trucks is so intrusive that she has to wear headphones while studying.

"It's the most distracting thing on earth," she said.

Neighbor Daniel Rosentreter, 36, said he has made 20 complaints to the city's 311 hotline about the ice cream truck sounds and posted numerous signs reading: "Stop DaDi DaDi DiDi Da . . . Let's take back McCarren Park from the ice-cream vendors."

However, ice cream vendor John Cicero, 34, whose truck is not affiliated with Mister Softee, said the residents need to "get used to it."


"Everybody is entitled to their own opinions, but this is how we make our living," Cicero said.

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