All of man's windblown cash returned

CHARLOTTETOWN, Prince Edward Island, May 5 (UPI) -- A Canadian man says he's amazed he got back more than $10,000 in cash that was suddenly blown from his banking bag on Prince Edward Island.

Landlord Ian Taylor was on his way to his bank in Charlottetown to make a cash deposit Monday but had neglected to close the zipper on the bank bag. Suddenly, the cash was blowing everywhere, he told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.


Taylor said he grabbed as much money as he could and called out to passersby for help because he couldn't do it alone.

"There were women in dresses and everything. They were down underneath vehicles picking up the money. Young people were picking up the money and they were saying, 'Whose money is this?' and bringing it to me and handing it to me," Taylor said. "So it was just amazing that they were able to do that. I'm very happy and very grateful."

Taylor told the CBC that when he counted the money at his bank every bill had been retrieved.

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