Police dog attacked handler

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PRESTON, England, May 1 (UPI) -- A British police dog handler who was bitten by her own canine said she does not blame the dog and the animal is still with her.

Police Constable Katie Johnson said she and her police dog, Chaos, responded to an emergency call about an armed robbery at a Preston, England, pub and one of the suspects, identified as Wayne McDonald, 47, shot her in the leg with a shotgun, The Daily Telegraph reported Friday.


Johnson said she ordered Chaos to go after McDonald and his accomplice, David Tyrell, 39, but the dog instead bit his handler on the arm.

"I don't blame Chaos at all, dogs are dogs and not robots," said Johnson, who had been working with Chaos for three weeks at the time of the Jan. 1, 2007, incident. "They react to things they're trained to deal with. We train police dogs to attack offenders who are holding a gun but when we train dogs, the offenders are offering verbal aggression."

McDonald and Tyrell later turned themselves in to police. They were convicted of wounding with intent to resist, robbery and firearms offenses but were cleared of an attempted murder charge.


Police said Chaos and Johnson are back working together.

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