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Chicago sets Shakespeare talking day

CHICAGO, April 20 (UPI) -- Chicagoans take heed, be wary how you place your words this Thursday, for the mayor declared it "Talk Like Shakespeare Day" to mark the bard's 445th birthday.


Mayor Richard Daley said the event is designed for the city's inhabitants "to bring the spoken words of Shakespeare into their daily lives," the Chicago Sun-Times reported Monday.

To assist with the event, the Chicago Shakespeare Theater has created to give participants a crash course in the playwright's lingo, including replacing "you" with "thou" and the importance of rhyming couplets.

Schools in the Chicago area have also jumped on the "Talk Like Shakespeare" bandwagon, with many classes scheduled to engage in Shakespeare-themed games and activities.

Firefighters free girl, 3, from potty

CHIRK, Wales, April 20 (UPI) -- Firefighters in Wales said they were called to a home to rescue a 3-year-old girl whose foot became stuck in the handle of a toilet.


Kevin Rogers said he purchased the training potty for his daughter, Rebecca, last Wednesday and the following day he heard her and her sister, Daniella, 2, screaming, The Daily Telegraph reported Monday.

"The day after I bought the potty I got it out and left the girls with it to do the washing up," Rogers said. "I heard this horrible scream but thought the girls were just fighting as usual. When the scream carried on I realized something was really wrong so I charged into the living room, only to find that Rebecca had her foot lodged in the handle of the potty. She was hysterical."

Rogers said he phoned the fire department after his own efforts to free Rebecca's foot failed.

Firefighters said it took them about 15 minutes to extricate her.

"This type of call is very infrequent and unusual," said Chris Nott, county operations manager for North Wales Fire and Rescue. "The crew worked well and we were very happy that the youngster was safe and well."

Teen boxes online with Mayweather

BELVEDERE, England, April 20 (UPI) -- A British teenager playing an online PlayStation 3 boxing game said he was shocked when his opponent turned out to be real-life boxing great Floyd Mayweather.


George Guest, 15, said he was playing "Fight Night 3" at his Belvedere, England, home when his online opponent knocked his player to the canvas three times in a single round, The Sun reported Monday.

Guest said he joking sent the other player a message: "Who do you think you are, Ricky Hatton?"

The teenager said he was shocked when the other player replied: "Actually I'm Floyd Mayweather."

"I can't believe it. I went a round with one of the best boxers in the world -- and he knocked the granny out of me. He was taunting me like Muhammad Ali," Guest said.

He said he was initially skeptical of the claim until Mayweather, a former world champion, chatted with him via the game's headset.

"I didn't believe him at first but he started talking about his family and his fights and everything," the teen said.

Guest said Mayweather sent him personal messages and pictures after their online bout.

Boxing agent Kevin Lueshing said Mayweather is an avid video game player.

"Floyd is mad on these computer games and plays them all the time," he said.

Mechanical spiders march in parade

YOKOHAMA , Japan, April 20 (UPI) -- A parade celebrating the 150th anniversary of a Japanese port's opening included a pair of 40-foot-tall mechanical spiders.


The spiders, operated by French performance art group La Machine, walked Sunday by raising and lowering each of their eight mammoth legs in turn and sprayed water from their mechanical mouths, the Kyodo news agency reported Monday.

The parade, which celebrated the 150th anniversary of Yokohama port, was attended by an estimated 500,000 people, organizers said.

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