Colo. rejects 'ILVTOFU' license plate

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DENVER, April 8 (UPI) -- The Colorado Department of Revenue rejected a woman's request for a license plate professing her love of tofu over concerns that it could be seen as obscene.

Officials said Kelley Coffman-Lee's request for a personalized plate with the phrase "ILVTOFU" was rejected due to concerns that it could be misread as "I-LV-TO-F-U," KMGH-TV, Denver, reported Wednesday.


Coffman-Lee said she has been a vegetarian for 13 years and a vegan for the past four.

"I love tofu; it doesn't mean anything bad," Coffman-Lee said of her license plate request. "I'm very expressive, I'm anti-fur, anti-rodeo, anti-circus when they come to Denver and I thought here's a chance to be positive and say I love something."

"Tofu is a word, I haven't said anything bad. I think it's crazy they denied it," she said. "It's not a dirty, evil food. It's very wholesome."

Mark Couch, spokesman for Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles, defended the decision to reject the plate.

"We have nothing bad to say about (Coffman-Lee's) love of tofu," he said. "We're concerned about others who may misread the plate."

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