Parking lot group eyeing lot fragrance

LONDON, March 27 (UPI) -- National Car Parks says it is looking into ways to replace the offending odors of Britain's parking lots with more pleasant smells for drivers.

The British private parking lot operator learned in a poll of 2,000 drivers that one-third of respondents would avoid a parking lot that featured offending smells, The Daily Mail said Friday.


One-in-three respondents informed National Car Parks that they traditionally associate parking lot stairwells with the smell of urine. No margin of error was given for the poll.

NCP Chief Executive Officer Andrew Potter said his company was seeking to incorporate more popular smells, such as flowers and cut grass, into their facilities.

"We fully recognize that unpleasant smells could drive customers away," Potter told The Daily Mail. "By introducing pleasant smells, we are following through on our commitment to improving the customer experience."

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