And now AIG means ...?

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WASHINGTON, March 17 (UPI) -- The flap over bonuses at AIG, the broke and bailed-out insurance giant, has spawned a new U.S. parlor game -- coming up with names for the initials.

"Chad" posted a request for suggestions Monday morning on the liberal blog Buzzflash.


By Tuesday, suggestions that had come in included "America's Insured Grifters," and two using "gonif," the Yiddish word for thief, "All American Gonif" and "American Insurance Gonif." Other printable entries included "All Investments Gone" and "All Integrity Gone."

From the other end of the political spectrum, a poster to Too Conservative, a blog for northern Virginia Republicans, listed some appropriate renditions -- "And It's Gone," "Ain't I Greedy," "All Investments Gone" and "Avarice Insolence Graft." This would suggest that AIG is the one thing bringing liberals and conservatives together.

On, the Web site founded by conservative-turned-liberal Arianna Huffington, Robert S. McIlvaine suggested "America Is Gullible."

In fact, AIG stands for the plain-vanilla American International Group. A source close to the company told ABC News that "everyone gets that this doesn't look good."

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