Vermont man attached antlers to doe's head

CONCORD, Vt., March 15 (UPI) -- A Vermont hunter is paying the price for trying to pass off a doe as a buck by attaching antlers to the dead animal's head, authorities say.

Marcel Fournier, 19, of Concord was hit with a $400 fine and a 10-day jail sentence Feb. 18 for his hunting violations, the Burlington Free Press reported Saturday. In addition, Fournier will not be allowed to obtain a state hunting, fishing or trapping license in Vermont for at least three years.


The Vermont State's Attorney Office charged Fournier with illegally hunting does after he tried to pass off his faux buck as lawful game last fall, the Free Press said.

When confronted by a state Department Fish and Wildlife warden, Fournier confessed he created the hybrid deer after killing it illegally Nov. 22.

"He used epoxy and lag bolts recessed into the rack -- but they weren't very firm," Warden David Gregory said. "When you grabbed them, you'd feel movement."

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