Tattoo shop offering baby apparel

MIAMI, March 11 (UPI) -- Tattoo artists at the Love Hate Tattoo studio in Miami say they have created a line of infant clothing, complete with fire-breathing dragons and samurais.

Artist Chris Garver said the new Ruthless & Toothless fashion line features the tattoo artists' personal designs that can range from aggressive dragons and tigers to doe-eyed cartoonish characters, The Miami Herald reported Tuesday.


"We're kind of making it baby-ish," Garver said.

The clothing line, which includes a $26 onesie and a $41 hoodie, does represent a risky business venture due to the ongoing U.S. economic crisis, Creative Director Casey Cordes said.

''We're launching in the middle of the biggest financial crisis,'' Cordes said to the newspaper, "and we feel good about it.''

The Herald said in addition to Garver, the new infant fashion line features art from Darren Brass, Yoji Harada and James Hamilton. The artists and their place of employment all gained a modicum of fame when Love Hate was featured in the TLC TV series "Miami Ink."

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