Man ticketed after he was hit by car

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DENVER, Feb. 26 (UPI) -- The stepson of a Denver man who was hit by a car while helping two elderly women cross a large street said police ticketed his stepdad for jaywalking.

Ken McDonald, stepson of Jim Moffett, 58, said his stepfather was driving a bus Friday night when he dropped off two elderly women who tried to cross Federal Boulevard to reach their trailer home, the Rocky Mountain News reported Thursday.


"With that light snowstorm, my stepdad didn't think they could cross the street safely," McDonald said. "There's a six- or seven-block area where there's really no place to cross. So, he got off the bus with another passenger, and they helped the ladies cross."

However, once the group had made it about halfway across the road, a "pick-up driver got impatient and passed in the left hand turn lane," McDonald said. "He plowed right into my stepdad -- but not before he pushed the old ladies and the other guy out of the way."

Moffett was taken to St. Anthony Central Medical Center with bleeding in the brain, broken bones in his face, a dislocated shoulder, a broken wrist, a possible ruptured spleen and liver, and a destroyed right knee.


McDonald said it is "absolutely obscene" that police ticketed Moffett and the other man for jaywalking. The driver of the pickup was ticketed for careless driving causing injury.

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