iPhone game inspired by Blagojevich

CHICAGO, Feb. 5 (UPI) -- A Chicago native has unveiled "Pay2Play," a Rod Blagojevich-inspired video game for the iPhone that allows players to sell U.S. Senate seats.

Juan "J" Rubio, 32, who lives in Vancouver, said he was inspired by the impeached governor to create the iPhone game, which places players in the office of Illinois governor with mounting debt and impeachment at their heels, the Chicago Tribune reported Thursday.


The objective of "Pay2Play" is to earn cash by buying and selling Senate seats and other "cushy jobs" before the end of the player's term in office.

"Growing up in Chicago and living in Mexico for a bit gave me all the ammo I had needed," Rubio said. "Now anyone can buy and sell Senate seats without having to worry about going to jail."

Rubio said he received a letter Monday from Apple informing him that the game needs "unexpected additional time for review." In the meantime, Rubio said he may post an "unrated" version of the game on his Web site for computer users.

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