Swedish prime minister urged to get tattoo

GAVLE, Sweden, Jan. 16 (UPI) -- An artist says Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt could gain support among the country's youth by simply getting a tattoo.

Artist Sebastian Norde, who is interested in tattoo art, sent Reinfeldt a letter describing his unusual proposal, along with a sketch of a tattoo that might increase the prime minister's appeal to younger voters, The Local said Friday.


"I've been reading in the newspapers that you've been losing votes lately and I think I know how you can win more confidence and popularity among younger voters," Norde tells the prime minister in his letter.

The suggested tattoo for Reinfeldt features a Viking-style ship, a shield of fire and a horseshoe. The body art proposal also includes the word Filippa, which refers to the minister's wife.

Norde, 22, told the Local he has yet to receive a reply from Reinfeldt, but he maintains the addition of such body art would easily win his vote.

"If he got the tattoo, I'd vote for him for sure," the artist said.

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