Granny, 81, fought mugger

GLASGOW, Scotland, Dec. 30 (UPI) -- Prosecutors in Scotland said an 81-year-old woman struggled with a man who tried to steal her purse and foiled the attempted crime.

Authorities said Patrick Wallace, 32, admitted to trying to snatch Margaret Somerville's purse while she was waiting for a train July 23 from Paisley to Glasgow, The (Glasgow, Scotland) Daily Record reported Tuesday.


"The accused, who was on a bicycle, approached her from behind," prosecutor Graeme Jessop told the High Court in Glasgow. "As he passed, he grabbed hold of her handbag."

"She held on to her bag and struck out with her right arm, striking the accused on the side of the head and knocking him from the bicycle," Jessop said. "Wallace continued to pull at the bag. But she refused to let go and, as a result, was pulled to the ground while still holding the bag."

Wallace's sentencing was deferred for reports.

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