Landlord forced to live in neglected home

CLEVELAND, Dec. 20 (UPI) -- A Cleveland judge sentenced a landlord accused of multiple code violations in dozens of rental properties to spend house arrest in one of the neglected units.

Housing Court Judge Ray Pianka also fined Nicholas Dionisopoulos $100,000 and ordered him to turn all of the rent payments he collects from tenants over to the Cleveland Housing Court to be used for repairs and cleanups at the 41 rental properties owned by the landlord, The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported.


Dionisopoulos was brought before the judge on a probation violation after an order issued in March required him to fix and clean all of his units and barred him from purchasing more properties without the court's permission. Building inspectors and a court housing specialist testified this week that Dionisopoulos failed to comply with the orders.

The six-month house arrest order only allows Dionisopoulos to leave a house he owns on owns on West 104th St. to repair his other properties, attend church or participate in special family events.

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