Magazine editors undergo plastic surgery

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Nov. 21 (UPI) -- A Swedish magazine geared toward gay men said members of its editorial staff underwent cosmetic surgery for an article about the practice.

The editors of Dorian Magazine, which bills itself as a commercial lifestyle magazine for gay men, said they underwent procedures including nose jobs, lip augmentations, liposuction, facelifts and muscle enhancement surgery for the article, which appears in the current edition of the magazine, The Local reported Friday.


"Dorian Magazine represents an artistic fantasy world with an idealized beauty. Having the editorial team undergo plastic surgery in order to get insight into the ideal we promote was almost a question of credibility," said creative and fashion director Jake Rydqvist, who had some excess skin removed from above his eyes for the cosmetic surgery feature.

Editor-in-chief Benjamin Falk, who had liposuction performed on his chin, said that while cosmetic surgery can be beneficial, it will not automatically cure self-esteem problems.

"I absolutely recommend it to people who want to freshen up their looks a little, but people shouldn't believe that plastic surgery will change one's life if they are not already happy and feel good about themselves," he said.

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