Unusual laws in central Ohio

BEXLEY, Ohio, Oct. 27 (UPI) -- Experts say the suburbs of Columbus, Ohio, have some unusual laws still on the books, including laws banning the feeding of grackles and clinging to trains.

Officials said the suburb of Bexley has a law against feeding a flock of grackles, while New Albany bans putting laxative in someone else's food, Hillard bars clinging to the side of locomotives and Grove City outlaws growing a wild-carrot or white-top-daisy patch, The Columbus Dispatch reported Monday.


"The code book is very interesting because of when the codes were put into effect," Bexley City Attorney Lou Chodosh said of his city's ban on feeding the specific variety of bird. "Many of (Bexley's) laws involving begging go back to the 1930s. It's all a matter of history and the context of when it was done."

"Quite honestly, some of these get passed because an individual has a concern, and council says, 'Sure, we'll pass that,' not thinking it will be on the books forever, though it doesn't have to be," Chodosh said.

Chodesh said Bexley passed four ordinances in 1940 that are still in effect that dictated allowed behavior in bars. However, the city currently does not contain any bars.


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