Fans' sexy toys heckle player's sexy back

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Oct. 22 (UPI) -- Hockey fans in Stockholm, Sweden, heckled a visiting defenseman, hoping to rattle his performance on the ice by reminding him of his performance in bed.

Supporters of the Stockholm AIK team heckled Jan Huokko of the Leksand hockey club by reminding the visitor -- and a former AIK player -- of a summer sex scandal by tossing dildos, profane banners and an inflatable penis onto the ice, The Local reported.


In June, a blue movie of the blueliner and his girlfriend found its way to the Internet.

Huokko said he recorded the amorous clip on his cell phone and wasn't surprised it was posted after the phone was stolen.

"It was a private thing between me and my girl," he said at the time. "That's what people do when it comes to sex."

Lars Karlsson, an official with Sweden's ice hockey association, called the sex-toy toss "a non-issue" that didn't affect the game, which AIK won 3-2.

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