Sausage causes alarm at Stockholm airport

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Sept. 23 (UPI) -- Firefighters say a worker roasting a particularly fatty hunk of sausage triggered a fire alarm that nearly caused the shutdown of the Stockholm airport.

Thomas Soderman and his colleagues in the control tower at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport managed to shut off a smoke detector Sunday without halting flight operations, as would normally be the procedure in the event of a fire.


Soderman set the alarm off when he tried to make himself lunch, the Swedish news agency TT said Tuesday.

"I put a nice, fatty sausage from Tuscany in the oven in the afternoon," Soderman explained. "There was so much smoke that it set off the fire alarm."

Soderman salvaged enough of the lunch to offer the fire chief a sample, but he insisted he wouldn't be doing any more cooking on the job until the fire sensor was taken down.

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