British networks reject jihad comedy

LONDON, Sept. 22 (UPI) -- A British TV creator said networks have refused his idea for a comedy about would-be suicide bombers, but the project may find legs as a film.

Chris Morris, who rose to fame as the creator and star of controversial Channel 4 comedy "Brass Eye," said BBC and Channel 4 have rejected his proposal for a comedy about jihadists in the North of London on the grounds that it was deemed unsuitable for prime time audiences.


Mark Herbert, from Warp Films, which produced the TV project, said Morris had carefully researched the product to ensure it would not be offensive to Muslims.

"Chris's research has been meticulous. It is fatwa-proof," he said.

A Channel 4 spokesman said the program had been given consideration, but was decided that it would work better as a film under the company's movie-developing wing, Film4.

"It was agreed at a very early stage that the project would work best as a film and from this point was developed through Film4," the spokesman said.

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