Bakery feels sting of cupcake chain

MONTECITO, Calif., Sept. 4 (UPI) -- The California cupcake chain Sprinkles has told the owner of a new bakery, Sprinkled Pink Cupcake Couture, she should change the name.

Wendy Jones told the Los Angeles Times she received a letter from Sprinkles the day after she opened for business last week in Montecito.


"They're going too far," Jones said. "I'm sure they're protecting themselves, but there's a whole big United States out there. There's room for other cupcake shops. They shouldn't be bullying around or picking on little people like us. ... I really honestly don't think they invented the cupcake."

Sprinkles, headquartered in Beverly Hills, has gained a reputation for being protective of its trademark during its three years of existence. Bakeries across the United States have received letters from Sprinkles, and the company has filed at least three lawsuits.

Jones, who said that she registered the name of her bakery in 2003, has not decided what she is going to do.

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