Phoenix runner definitely picks up a penny

PHOENIX, July 13 (UPI) -- Phoenix native Craig Davidson says he always stops on his runs to pick up even a penny and that's why his running luck has amounted to more than $8,100.

The 54-year-old said in addition to running for exercise, his daily run has earned him thousands of dollars as he finds loose change on nearly every run he takes, The Arizona Republic reported Sunday.


"I've found money every day," Davidson said of his running habit. "April 3, 1983, was the last day I didn't find money."

As of Thursday, Davidson's collected discoveries tallied $8,160 and he even paid for a Hawaiian vacation for himself and his wife with the loose change others disregard.

His success has led Davidson to begin to target a new kind of lost treasure.

"Now I'm collecting Coke reward points," Davidson told the Republic. "It's not how much I find, but what I find, every time I go running."

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