Zebra found in college building

OXFORD, Ga., April 24 (UPI) -- Campus police at Georgia's Emory University at Oxford said they were investigating the case of a kidnapped zebra that turned up in a college building.

Curtis Jackson, who owns Barcode the zebra, said he did not realize the 800-pound mammal was missing until Wednesday morning when animal control officials returned it to his 53-acre home, which is located about one mile from the college, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Thursday.


"He's back in his pen, and he seems a little rowdy right now, but otherwise I think he's OK," Jackson said.

Campus police said Barcode was discovered on the third floor of Seney Hall when public safety workers opened the building Wednesday morning. Animal control officials said it did not take long to identify the zebra.

"How many people own zebras around here?" said Newton County Animal Control Director Teri Key-Hooson. "We figured it was Mr. Jackson's because we made a call out there for his zebra a couple of years ago."

Dean Stephen Bowen said the unknown zebra-nappers took measures to ensure the animal wasn't harmed.

"They lined up a row of chairs so the animal couldn't get close to the windows and injure itself," he said.


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