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Nov. 6, 2007 at 6:30 AM
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Couple from Hell wins Halloween lottery

HELL, Mich., Nov. 5 (UPI) -- John and Sue Wilson from Hell, Mich., won a $115,001 lottery on one of the year's scariest days, Halloween.

The couple won a Fantasy 5 prize Wednesday, the Livingston (Mich.) Daily Press & Argus reported.

They didn’t realize that their drawing had been held on Halloween until they claimed their prize two days later.

"How cool is that?" Sue Wilson, 43, told the newspaper. "We live in Hell and won it on Halloween."

The couple said the money would go towards bills, home projects and a Nintendo Wii video game console for their 13-year-old son.

"It's not $200 million or anything -- it's not going to change our life, but it's ... something to say, 'OK, we're going to have a good Christmas,'" said John Wilson, who is an electrician.

Son found alive after funeral

MANCHESTER, England, Nov. 5 (UPI) -- A British woman who had a funeral for a man she believed to be her son has discovered that her child is still alive.

Gina Partington identified a body as her son, Thomas Dennison, and had the corpse cremated, the Manchester Evening News reported Monday. However, the day after the cremation, police called her to say her son -- still living -- had been found by police in Nottingham.

“(Police) said a person man was in custody in Nottingham and asked me for three questions which only my son would know the answer to," Partington said.

“They also showed me a picture of the man in Nottingham -- been taken two days earlier -- and it was my son. I then spoke to him on the phone and I kept asking him was the name of my mum to convince myself it was him. But I still couldn’t believe it.

“He has mental health issues but despite this he was bailed by police and I don’t know where he is again -- but he’s alive,” she told the Evening News.

Police said the resemblance between Dennison and the deceased man was uncanny, right down to distinguishing body markings, the newspaper report said. Police are attempting to contact the family of the deceased man.

'Macbeth' premiers behind bars

JESSUP, Md., Nov. 5 (UPI) -- A Maryland theater company has completed a successful performance of William Shakespeare's "Macbeth" at an unlikely stage -- a maximum-security prison.

Patuxent Institution Warden John Wilt, who described himself as a longtime fan of Shakespeare, said he had the idea to bring the classic tragedy inside prison walls after seeing an ad for the Ellicott City, Md., Chesapeake Shakespeare Company, The Washington Post reported Monday.

"His work is universal. I mean, who else still has his stuff being performed 400 years later?" Wilt said of Shakespeare.

More than 150 prisoners attended the performance along with about 200 visitors who were allowed to watch the performance alongside their incarcerated family and friends.

"I never seen anything like it," prisoner Vouthynor Sovann, 27, told the Post after the play. "I mean, it's nothing like TV or cable, you know? It's a whole 'nother level when it's live."

The money made from the performance -- $5 per prisoner in attendance -- was donated by the organizing prisoners' group to a scholarship fund for students attending historically black colleges, the Post said.

Thousands in China are named Olympics

BEIJING, Nov. 5 (UPI) -- A Chinese Web site says nearly 3,600 people in the world's most populous nation share the name of Aoyun, which translates to Olympics in English.

In addition, some 4,100 residents have names that translate to Beijing Olympic Games, The China Daily reported Monday.

The newspaper says a recent survey predicts there will be an increase next year in the number of people named Olympics as more Chinese couples try to give birth when opening ceremonies begin in Beijing on Aug. 8.

Repetition is a big problem facing parents in China when it comes to selecting names for their offspring, the newspaper says.

Hoping to have their child stand out, one couple tried to name their baby "@," saying in Mandarin the symbol sounded like "love him."

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