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Sept. 27, 2007 at 2:08 AM
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Killer drama to make fountain run red

CHICAGO, Sept. 26 (UPI) -- A cable TV series about a serial killer is set to make Chicago's Buckingham Fountain run blood-red for a few hours this week.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported Wednesday that the promotion firm Pop2Life will be basking the famed fountain with several colored lights to achieve the shocking transformation in honor of Showtime's original series "Dexter."

The cable TV series is about a blood spatter expert in Miami who freelances as a self-appointed executioner of other serial killers.

The blood-red water will be paired with fake forensic investigators and Showtime banner tape to give the Chicago site the feel of a real-life crime scene.

Thursday's event will be coordinated with similar events in 13 other U.S. cities, all aimed at promoting the unusual cable drama.

The newspaper said that the promotion firm initially wanted to make the event more authentic by dying the fountain's water red, but city officials quickly bled that idea dry.

Police capture gator on its morning stroll

CLEVELAND, Sept. 26 (UPI) -- Cleveland police teamed with a reptile enthusiast Wednesday to help capture an alligator that apparently decided to enjoy a nice morning stroll.

After the potentially deadly animal was safely restrained by local authorities, police were contacted by an unidentified woman who informed them of the large reptile's probable owner, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported.

"I have seen the guy outside on the sidewalk playing with that thing. It is huge," the unidentified informant said in an e-mail. "That makes me angry -- there are tons of kids in that area, waiting for school buses in the morning."

She also warned that the animal did not appear to be too pleased with how it's owner used it as entertainment for his friends, the newspaper reported.

"He was setting it down, letting it run a little, then picking it up and putting it back where it started," she said. "The alligator was whipping his tail and head around and did not look very happy."

Police: Suspect had loincloth, attitude

ST. CLAIRSVILLE, Ohio, Sept. 26 (UPI) -- A man who was arrested as a burglary suspect in Belmont County, Ohio, earlier this week came equipped with his own loincloth and bad attitude, police said.

A Belmont County sheriff's deputy, Cheif Hummel, said the unusually hostile burglary suspect was arrested after police responded to a call about a man in a loin cloth earlier this week, West Virginia's WOTV-TV, Wheeling, reported Tuesday.

"I've been at this for a long time, and I don't believe I've ever seen anyone in a loincloth," Hummel said of Monday's events.

The shoes that the man was allegedly wearing at the time of his arrest were later identified as items stolen in a recent burglary.

But once the suspect was in custody, he allegedly piled up some additional charges by issuing a series of threats to the local police.

"He threatened that he's going to come down and kill us all with a machine gun and AK-47," Hummel alleged.

WOTV-TV said the man now faces a felony two burglary charge as well as a count of aggravated menacing and failure to comply.

Tiny dog makes long trek home

GREENSBURG, Pa., Sept. 26 (UPI) -- A tiny dog showed great heart and determination this week when it managed to trek more than seven miles back to its owners' home in Pennsylvania.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review said Wednesday that after Bailey the bichon frise disappeared last weekend, its owner never thought the tiny dog would return to its home in North Huntingdon, Penn.

But three days after the feisty dog disappeared more than seven miles away from home, Janet Staigvil was shocked to hear a familiar crying at her front door.

Sure enough, it was Bailey attempting to be let inside and for Staigvil it was a dream come true.

But while she endured three days of frantic searching for her missing pet, Staigvil admitted to the newspaper that Bailey likely endured a lot more.

"He was crying, and you could tell he is still a little sore, but he's so happy to be home. He jumped the whole way up into my arms when I went out to the front to see if it was him," the ecstatic dog owner said.

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