Et tu? Brutus accidentally stabs himself

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ASPEN, Colo., Aug. 31 (UPI) -- In a strange twist of events, the man playing Brutus in an outdoor performance of "Julius Caesar" in Aspen, Colo., accidentally stabbed himself.

Kent Hudson Reed was supposed stab Julius Caesar Wednesday, but instead accidentally stabbed himself in the leg, the Aspen Daily News reported.


"I thought he had a fake blood packet that went off too soon in his pocket," said audience member Scott MacCracken. "They had just murdered Caesar and his right pant leg was turning red."

"It was a lot of blood," Dorene Herzog, who was taking in the free performance on a visit to Aspen from Houston, Texas, told the Daily News. "I mean a lot, lot of blood."

However, Reed didn't stop the show for something as petty as a stab wound in the leg, he finished his monologue about Caesar’s death before saying: "You'll have to excuse me. We'll have to pause for a few minutes. I seem to have stabbed myself."

"Yeah, I was supposed to stab Caesar," Reed told the Daily News later, after getting the wound stitched. "But I stabbed myself."


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