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Aussie rugby club sacks cheerleaders

SYDNEY, Feb. 9 (UPI) -- The South Sydney rugby league team in Australia has disbanded its cheerleading squad because the dancers made fans uncomfortable.


Actor Russell Crowe, a co-owner of the South Sydney, said the decision was about trying to make the club's games a positive experience for the crowd.

He told The Australian the scantily clad cheerleaders made women uncomfortable and "it makes blokes who take their sons to the (games) also uncomfortable."

The cheerleaders will be replaced by a drum band.

Crowe said his team, was "thankful for the time and effort the girls put in." The decision to disband the squad had been greeted positively by South Sydney fans -- particularly women and Crowe's wife, Danielle Spencer.

Charges dropped in marijuana deposit case

IOWA CITY, Iowa, Feb. 9 (UPI) -- Charges were expected to be dropped against an Iowa man who allegedly deposited his marijuana stash with the day's take from a pizzeria he managed.

Adrian Hilton of Coralville was scheduled to go on trial Monday, the Iowa City Press Citizen reported. But David Tiffany, an assistant Johnson County district attorney, said there is no evidence because the bank teller returned the marijuana.


"The bank teller gave the marijuana back to him so we didn't have any evidence," Tiffany said. "She was smart enough to call police, but then she gave it back to him."

Employees at American Bank and Trust found a baggie half-full of what appeared to be marijuana in a Pizza Pit deposit bag Sept. 17. Hilton did sign a letter for Pizza Pit admitting the marijuana was his, Tiffany said.

Hey, Tiger, let me slap you

PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 9 (UPI) -- Zookeepers in Philadelphia are keeping their fingers crossed all the get-togethers the zoo's two Amur tigers have had will pay off with tiger cubs.

But there may be a problem. It seems that at the end of every encounter, female tiger Kira gives male tiger Dmitri a swat.

The fear is the swat may make Dmitri finish up a tad too early to get the job done, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

That swat is part of the mating process, and older males learn to avoid it, Ron Tilson, who coordinates tiger breeding for North American zoos, told the newspaper.

"I've seen male tigers do a standing high jump where their front and back paws are four feet off the ground," he told Inquirer. "They go up like a pogo stick."


Many Netherlands foods contain horse

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands, Feb. 9 (UPI) -- Netherlands animal rights group Wakker Dier says many hamburgers, frikandels and krokets in the country contain horsemeat.

The Wageningen University study of 286 food items found 32 percent contained meat from horses, Expatica reported.

The rights group said the study was commissioned to address public concerns about the use of horsemeat, as most people in the country consider the animals to be pets rather than a viable food source.

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