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Hungary zoo boasts 1st tube baby rhino

BUDAPEST, Hungary, Jan. 26 (UPI) -- The world's first test tube rhinoceros has been born in Budapest, Hungary.


The 128-pound bundle of joy was born Tuesday to Lulu, an endangered southern white rhino, after five years of research into artificial insemination, Germany's der Spiegel reported.

Scientists started working on alternative plans to impregnate Lulu after she and her mate, Easyboy, had settled into a friendly relationship and showed no sexual interest in each other.

A special technique was eventually devised using Easyboy's sperm, Berliner Zeitung reported.

Scientists plan to use a similar technique on a northern white rhino, a close relative of the southern white rhino.

There are only nine known northern whites worldwide, including four in the wild and five in zoos.

Cancer shirts use laughter as medicine

MADISON, Wis., Jan. 26 (UPI) -- A teenage cancer patient and his mother in Madison, Wis., have created a line of T-shirts designed to keep his fellow cancer sufferers smiling.

Joey Maher's mother, Karen, created a Web site to sell shirts bearing humorous cancer-related slogans that the two thought up -- including "Chemo Junkie" and "Radiation makes me warm and fuzzy all over" -- the Rockford (Ill.) Register Star reported.


The family said they donate 10 percent of the proceeds from the $8.99 shirts, sold at, to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Karen Maher, whose son was diagnosed with leukemia three years ago at age 15, said the shirts have been selling to customers all over the country. She said out of state hospitals sometimes order 100 shirts at a time.

"The shirts I'm really excited about it because they make people feel better," she said.

Maher said Joey, who is now healthy enough to attend high school classes, received permission from school administrators to wear his favorite shirt, which bears the slogan "Chemo is my drug of choice," to school.

Bears fan demands promised tickets

CHICAGO, Jan. 26 (UPI) -- A diehard Chicago Bears fan is attempting to make safety Chris Harris deliver on a videotaped promise to give him Super Bowl tickets.

Construction worker Bryan Lange spent two days sitting beside the road to Halas Hall with a sign reading "Chris Harris You Promised" after the player promised during an interview on a public access television show in June that he would provide Lange with tickets if the Bears made it to the Super Bowl, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.


Lange said Harris told him Tuesday, the second day of his one-man protest, that he could not help him get tickets to the game.

Albert Elias, Harris' agent, told the Sun-Times he was unaware of the promise and that Lange's demands constitute "a very unreasonable request considering Chris has over 40 family members trying to get tickets and he's only offered 15."

On the public access program "Psycho Babble," Lange told Harris he would sell his Harley to buy Super Bowl tickets if the Bears made it. Harris replied: "You won't have to sell it. I will give you tickets."

Subway cops refuse $140M phone system

NEW YORK, Jan. 26 (UPI) -- New York subway police finally have their $140 million radio system to better patrol the underground -- but the audio is bad and they won't use it.

Widespread interference causes distortion that one engineer says sounds "as if you're talking through a glass of water."

So, it's back to the drawing board for possibly more new equipment to clear up the channel, which could mean extra cost of about $20 million, The New York Times reported.

Add in 72 miles of underground cable, of which about one-fifth is old and deteriorated and will need replacing soon.


The entire project could eventually cost about $210 million, officials say, far more than its original figure of $115 million.

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