Bears fan demands promised tickets

CHICAGO, Jan. 25 (UPI) -- A diehard Chicago Bears fan who says safety Chris Harris reneged on a promise is getting his Super Bowl ticket from a ticket broker instead.

The owner of, after seeing media coverage of Bryan Lange's protest, decided to supply a free ticket, .


Construction worker Bryan Lange spent two days sitting beside the road to Halas Hall with a sign reading "Chris Harris You Promised" after the player promised during an interview on a public access television show in June that he would provide Lange with tickets if the Bears made it to the Super Bowl, the Chicago Sun-Times reported Thursday.

Lange said Harris told him Tuesday, the second day of his one-man protest, that he could not help him get tickets to the game.

Albert Elias, Harris' agent, told the Sun-Times that he was unaware of the promise and that Lange's demands constitute "a very unreasonable request considering Chris has over 40 family members trying to get tickets and he's only offered 15."

On the public access program "Psycho Babble," Lange told Harris he would sell his Harley to buy Super Bowl tickets if the Bears made it. Harris replied: "You won't have to sell it. I will give you tickets."


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