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103-inch TV screen is a really big show

LONDON, Dec. 7 (UPI) -- There's big-screen and really big-screen television, like the world's largest plasma screen on sale for $99,000 in London.


Panasonic's new television is 103 inches wide -- 8 feet, 7 inches -- and weighs about a quarter of a ton, Sky News said Wednesday.

Delivery and installation cost $9,800 extra, and if you want to order one of these babies for this Christmas -- you're too late.

The screens must be ordered from Panasonic's factory in Japan and there's a three-month waiting list, a store spokesman said.

Commenting on the television screen on display at John Lewis, spokesman John Kempner said: "It's really there as a statement to show off what plasma technology can do and to say, 'This is the ultimate.'"

The Panasonic breaks the former record for a television screen by one inch.


Top lawyer's 'sexcapades' revealed

LONDON, Dec. 7 (UPI) -- A top British lawyer asked his firm to reimburse him nearly $700 for an encounter with a prostitute, a magazine reports in its annual scandal-mongering issue.

The annual Legal Business Christmas Quiz issue also describes a married lawyer who goes "dogging" with his secretary, a partner who was thrown out by his wife after getting his au pair pregnant and a senior attorney who confessed to cross-dressing and a fetish for latex, The Daily Mail reports.

One leading London firm hosted a party for clients at which a trainee and an associate came to blows over the attentions of a married male partner. A partner at another London firm attended a university career fair, but instead of promoting his firm, he took an undergraduate out to dinner and then slept with her.

The names of the lawyers are not disclosed. The idea is to guess who they are.

That's why the magazine calls the saucy gossip-mongering a Christmas Quiz.

Officers reprimanded for photo collection

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Dec. 7 (UPI) -- Two Swedish border officers face disciplinary measures for keeping photos of "exceptionally beautiful" women who go through their checkpoint.


The national police disciplinary board recommended a warning be issued to the men, who photocopied the women's passport photos and put them in a binder along with the women's birth dates, Sky News said Wednesday. The officers worked at a ferry terminal near Stockholm.

The binder included instructions on how to compile the collection, and orders to make backups in case the album became lost or was confiscated, officials said.

The officers established rules for the project, such as: only "exceptionally beautiful" women belonged in the collection, and no personal data, other than birth dates, should be included.

Man steals toys meant for sick kids

SOUTHAMPTON, England, Dec. 7 (UPI) -- British police were hunting for a Grinch-like thief who stole Christmas presents destined for sick children in Southampton, England.

Closed-circuit TV footage showed a man taking four presents from a Southampton Pizza Hut restaurant as restaurant workers tried to stop him.

The presents were destined for sick youngsters at Southampton General Hospital, The Daily Mail reported.

The thief even asked staff who the presents were for before he stuffed them under his jacket, restaurant workers said.

"I am disappointed and annoyed someone would do this to local children," said area manager Tim West, 33.


"This thief has been very callous and he must have seen these presents were being given to children at the hospital this Christmas," a police spokesman said.

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