Castro's head to appear in Central Park

NEW YORK, Oct. 31 (UPI) -- A New York shock artist plans to set up a statue of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro's head in Central Park.

Daniel Edwards does not plan to get permission from the New York Parks Department to exhibit the head for three hours next week, the New York Daily News reported. The work is titled "Deathbed Portrait."


The prospect of having Castro in the park, even for three hours, has raised some hackles.

"Imagine some wacko unveiling a statue of Osama Bin Laden in Battery Park," said Maria Werlau of the Free Society Foundation, which monitors human rights abuses in Cuba. "It would be offensive."

Edwards says he is trying to present all sides of Castro, who once threatened to camp in Central Park because agents were following him in his New York hotel.

"My obligation is not to create a piece of propaganda but to give it two sides if possible," Edwards said.

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