Alleged Hitler art sells for $223,000

LOSTWITHIEL, England, Sept. 27 (UPI) -- Artwork attributed to Adolf Hitler sold at a British auction for nearly three times its estimated price, despite claims the works were fakes.

The 21 paintings and two sketches, said to have be made by Hitler when he served in the German military in World War I, sold for about $223,000, The Telegraph of London reported.


One buyer, who said he was the son of a British World War II Spitfire fighter pilot, paid $7,200 for a pencil sketch of a chateau and $6,600 for a double-sided watercolor depicting an airfield on one side and a landscape on the other.

Another buyer, who said he was from Russia, paid $20,000 for a painting of a church.

The artwork was kept inside a battered suitcase in an attic in a Belgium farmhouse for 60 years before being found in 1986.

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