Cocaine drink emulates illegal namesake

LAS VEGAS, Sept. 17 (UPI) -- The new energy drink Cocaine from Las Vegas' Redux Beverages is being designated by the company as "the legal alternative" to its illegal namesake.

The company and the drink's inventor, Jamey Kirby, claim the new drink will offer those drinking it both a physical high from increased vitamin B12 and sugars, along with a psychological high from the product's shocking name, said the New York Post.


"When a person sees the name of the drink, some psychological effect happens and the person is already experiencing the energy buzz before they even open the can," said Kirby.

"I can think of no other product except real cocaine that could have that effect on the public," he added.

The paper said Kirby confessed that a throat-numbing ingredient was added to the drink to emulate its namesake. The drink -- like its illegal counterpart -- will be marketed to partiers.

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