Jokes, pets result from dwarf cattle

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PUEBLO, Colo., Sept. 3 (UPI) -- Two Colorado men have found that raising mini Zebus, a breed of dwarf cattle, results in both requests for the cattle as pets and jokes from fellow ranchers.

Fred Carson and Lance Kappel, who are both area coal miners, have been raising the small cows since early this year -- and have found that the unique animals' value lies with collectors rather then the BBQ, and that countless jokes can be made about them as well, the Denver Post reported.


"My friends wanted to know if I'd be herding them on a miniature horse," said Carson, who like Kappel had previously worked traditional cattle ranches. "And whether I'd have to get some help from a miniature dog."

The paper said that with a lot of women purchasing the mini cows as pets and area families purchasing them to involve their children in the cattle trade, the men now find themselves getting requests from local ranchers for their own mini Zebus.

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