Workers give social life high priority

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LONDON, June 23 (UPI) -- A psychologist says many British office workers are trying to cope with long hours and balance their lives by e-mailing and texting friends on the boss's time.

David Lewis expects "cyber socializing" to increase if England advances in the World Cup, The Telegraph reported.


Lewis, working with Hewlett-Packard, surveyed 1,000 office workers. He found that 43 percent say they spend more time socializing than ensuring that important jobs get done and that 42 percent say they give their social lives higher priority than their work.

About the same percentage acknowledged spending a lot of time at work daydreaming about off-the-job activities past and planning future ones.

"Office workers are unwilling to let work commitments interrupt friendships," Lewis said. "So they use e-mails and group instant messaging to stay in touch and plan social activities."

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