Jockstrip: The world as we know it

By United Press International  |  June 12, 2006 at 6:00 AM
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Man boards plane to the wrong Manchester

MANCHESTER, England, June 12 (UPI) -- Jim Hourihan was flying home from Los Angeles to Manchester, England, when he realized he'd been sold a ticket to a different Manchester -- in New Hampshire.

The Mirror reported that the 52-year old businessman had spent the last four weeks in LA training to be a pilot. He said he had been surprised to get such a good deal on airfare on the way home.

Hourihan reportedly became suspicious when he boarded a small 50-seater plane at a connection in Cleveland.

"It was then it dawned on me, but I had reached the point of no return. My luggage was on the plane," said Hourihan, who is from Liverpool.

"Everyone seems to find it funny apart from me."

Viewers to control Web 'prisoner'

MONMOUTH, N.J., June 12 (UPI) -- New Jersey's Kieran Vogel is set to be "imprisoned" for 6 months in a two-bedroom apartment in an attempt to win a $500,000 prize package, a report says.

Vogel, 35, will be on a quest to conquer his neuroses, find true love and win a $60,000-per-year job with, the site that will sponsor the Web cast, the New York Post reported Sunday.

Vogel has lived with his parents his whole life, has not had sex in two years and is terrified of women, the Post said.

Viewers will control nearly every aspect of Vogel's social life while his confinement is being broadcast over the Web, including which women he will date and how he will dress. The weekly dates will take place entirely inside the Monmouth County apartment, as will parties and family get-togethers, where viewers will select food and music, the Post said.

Darian Myman, the CEO of, had the idea last year after freelance graphic artist Vogel told him "I wish someone could control my life."

Researchers to monitor sleepless DJ

MELBOURNE, June 12 (UPI) -- Sleep researchers in Melbourne plan to study a DJ's sleep patterns during a record-chasing mixing marathon, the Australia Broadcasting Corp. reported Sunday.

DJ Promo, whose birth name is Matt Solo, is scheduled to mix records for 100 straight hours beginning Monday in Melbourne's Federation Square. Researchers at the University of South Australia plan to use a watch-like instrument to measure Solo's sleep patterns and brain activity, the broadcaster said.

The research group, led by Dr. Jill Dorrian, predicts the marathon will be an interesting case study to measure the effects of sleep deprivation on performance. Solo will complete computer-based tasks and questionnaires during the event to measure his reaction to the deprivation.

He will be hooked up to brain-wave monitors at the end of the 100 hours, which if completed, will set a world record for record-spinning.

"He's probably going to have lots of changes in his mood. He's certainly going to feel very sleepy," Dorrian told the Australian Broadcasting Corp.

Shock jock auctions memorabilia

CHICAGO, June 12 (UPI) -- Radio shock jock Erich "Mancow" Muller auctioned over 350 pieces of music and movie memorabilia in Chicago, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

The auction, conducted by Leslie Hindman Auctioneers, drew 50 bidders to the auction house and another 600 bidders over the Internet. The items were from Muller's personal collection and fetched a total of over $160,000.

Among the items auctioned Saturday were Charlton Heston's boots from the 1968 film "Planet of the Apes," a replica of the Batmobile from the first two "Batman" films and a pair of Adidas sneakers signed by rappers Run-DMC.

Some items, such as bricks from the home of serial killer John Wayne Gacy, had nothing to do with films or music. A Christmas card signed by Jack Ruby and a piece of notebook paper signed by Richard Nixon were also available.

Muller plans to donate some of the proceeds to charity, specifically the proceeds from the crime-related items, the newspaper reported.

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