Boston cabbies: Other drivers selfish


BOSTON, May 2 (UPI) -- Boston cab drivers claim, like their New York counterparts, they are superior drivers and say their mission is misunderstood.

The Boston Herald polled cab drivers about a recent New York study where cabbies in the Big Apple claim to be much safer than other drivers, and found a cross-city consensus.


Taxi driver Laroc Jen said Boston drivers are just selfish and don't understand why he sometimes needs to speed and cut in front of others to make his daily wage.

"They just think about themselves," said Jen, a 15-year cab veteran. "Driving a cab is different than driving for yourself. We have to get from point A to point B quickly."

Cabbie Ionel Joita agreed.

"Sometimes you have to break the rules. The job makes you do it," Joita said.

However, Boston Police Director of Licensing Mark Cohen told the newspaper he had doubts.

"If this is true, it would be the first time anyone said something nice about cab drivers in my 22 years here," Cohen said. "It's historic."

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