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By United Press International  |  May 10, 2005 at 6:30 AM
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Man claims to survive on diet of light

BERLIN, May 9 (UPI) -- A chemist from Braunschweig, Germany, claims he hasn't touched food in three years -- surviving instead on a steady diet of natural light.

Michael Werner told German tabloid Bild he started his experiment by not eating or drinking for a week and then limiting himself to liquids. He claims his entire diet now consists of about 3 pints of water, juice, tea or coffee per day and a hearty helping of natural light. Werner claims his light diet has even caused him to gain weight, newspaper Deutsche Welle reported.

"I can't explain it, either," Werner said. "Apparently light energy can be turned into nutrition if one really believes it."

However, others in the German scientific community have expressed skepticism.

"I don't believe that's possible," Helmut Oberritter, the scientific director of the German Society for Nutrition, told Bild. He said Werner's diet would cause a severe lack in proteins and fatty acids.

School rules battle skimpy prom dresses

INDIANAPOLIS, May 9 (UPI) -- High schools are adopting dress codes to combat the sexy clothing that America's teenagers favor as the prom season gets under way.

Officials at Carroll High School in Fort Wayne, Ind., said they will enforce the school's 2-year-old dress code, which forbids bare midriffs and requires backs on dresses, at its May 21 prom, the Indianapolis Star reported.

But that and other schools' efforts are at odds with fashion in which teens show plenty of skin.

"They start dressing like they're in a rock video rather than at the prom," said John Ellis, head of the Indiana Association of Public School Superintendents. "In the last couple-three years, it's been an issue more for high schools than it has in the past."

The prom dress code at Roncalli High school in Indianapolis gets no more specific than requiring modesty.

"As soon as you identify (modesty), next year's fashions are outside the scope of your rules and regulations," Principal Chuck Weisenbach told the newspaper. "It's almost a chase."

Brazilian city kicks off orgasm fest

RIO DE JANEIRO, May 9 (UPI) -- A small Brazilian city is hosting its first official "Day of the Orgasm" celebration.

Lawmakers in Esperantina -- in the northern, impoverished state of Piaui -- voted during the weekend to hold the festivities Monday, complete with lectures about sexuality, impotence and of course, the importance of the orgasm, O Globo reports.

The city of 38,000 has celebrated Orgasm Day for the last four years. This year's is the first sanctioned by the city.

"Many problems with human beings like anger, sickness and stress are caused by dissatisfaction in relation to sexuality, Esperantina Mayor Felipe Santolia said.

The mayor also hopes the extra attention on the city will attract the federal government to provide additional funding for city works projects.

Reporters from France and Spain were on hand to cover the celebration as is the men's magazine Playboy.

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