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By United Press International  |  March 16, 2005 at 6:30 AM
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Dentist indicted for squirting semen

MECKLENBURG, N.C., March 15 (UPI) -- A former dentist from Cornelius, N.C., has been charged with multiple counts of assault for squirting his semen into the mouths of six female patients.

Dr. John Hall was indicted by a grand jury in Mecklenburg Monday on seven counts of assault on a female involving six different patients.

Hall, who has called the allegations "bizarre and sensational," is expected to present himself at the Mecklenburg jail Wednesday, the Charlotte (N.C.) Observer reported Tuesday.

George Laughrun, Hall's attorney, said: "We knew these indictments were coming. This is just the first step in the process. My client is anxious for the process to get started and get this behind him for himself and his family."

Prosecutors declined to make any public comments about the case.

The N.C. Board of Dental Examiners revoked Hall's license in August after the women testified he used a syringe to squirt a foul-tasting substance in their mouths and made them swallow.

Tests on several syringes from Hall's office revealed the substance to be the doctor's semen, the newspaper said.

Doctors ignore tumor, tell man he's fat

READING, England, March 15 (UPI) -- British doctors somehow missed finding a 55-pound tumor growing in a man's stomach, and instead told him he was obese, The Times of London reports.

News of the missed diagnosis that spanned nearly 10 years came to light Monday when aeronautical engineer Trevor Smithson, 53, announced he was suing the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading.

He had first visited doctors there in 1994 complaining of a distended stomach. It wasn't until last year he went to London's Royal Marsden Hospital for help.

Surgeons there removed the mass, described in his medical notes as "a truly immense intra-abdominal liposarcoma," which are slow-growing malignant tumors that develop in fat tissue, and are often found in the abdominal cavity.

Apart from the pain and discomfort, Smithson said his other woes over the past decade have included having to purchase ever-larger clothes.

"I'm a tall man and when I was also that heavy I wore out my shoes very quickly," he said. "I couldn't get a job -- once they had decided I was just obese they didn't take any further action."

Doctors at both hospitals refused to comment.

New Webster's to slip in a wedgie

CLEVELAND, March 15 (UPI) -- Children have been giving, receiving and giggling about "wedgies" for decades, and now Webster's New World Dictionaries has snapped up the word too.

Fifty-eight new words will appear in the forthcoming edition, where a wedgie actually has two "senses," the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports.

The first is the traditional definition, meaning a type of shoe. The newest sense is listed as a noun: "A prank in which the victim's undershorts are jerked upward so as to become wedged between the buttocks."

Also due to appear in bookstores mid-May are the definitions of blog, Botox, digital camera, chad, e-commerce, identity theft, irritable bowel syndrome, Megan's Law, paintball, sheesh, street cred, touch screen, webcast, Wi-Fi and WMD.

Editor-in-Chief Michael Agnes said factors supporting inclusion of a new word or definition include a record of relatively broad and frequent use over at least three years.

A complete overhaul is done to the dictionary every 10 years, when as many as 7,000 new words are added. The last such review for Webster's was in 1999.

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